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Unbeatable Consultancy Services

We, at Knightsbridge have a team of world class logisticians who will advise and recommend precisely which type of truck trailer equipment is best for each particular shipment. The use of van or flatbed is fundamental to proper cost avoidance and efficient operation in the trucking industry.

Knightsbridge: Our services offer a wide array of trucking options, including precisely which type of Van trailer your shipment may require. We service most of these shipments, especially those comprising loose cartons or unitized or palletized freight, in a van trailer. Truckload service usually requires 48 or 53 foot trailers, although there are a wide variety of styles of trailer. We will frequently ask you if your palletized shipment, for example, can be stacked or not in the van trailer. 4 Way Logistics can reduce your costs with this type of informational request.