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Services we provide


We provide distinctive competence and the flexibility to deliver cargo to most cities, countries and continents. Our partnerships with major air carriers give customers priority access to competitive rates and space allocations. Collection at origin, customs clearance and delivery to consignee are monitored via our tracking system


Our suite of inventory management solutions include off-site warehousing services for our client goods. We have access to warehouses strategically located across the country. The flexibility of our offerings is to the delight of our clients.


We provide integrated sea freight solutions that aim at ensuring reduced freight cost, secured shipment and reduction in cycle time. Knightsbridge provides shipment consolidation which includes zone pool distribution; line hauls distribution and inter-modal services. We are skilled in handling bulk cargo and containerised cargos as well chartering of vessels.


We operate a fleet of well serviced in-house trucks both 20 & 40 Foot trailers including flatbeds, covered trucks, etc. We have well experienced personnels that advise clients on best suitable truck for the clients shipment. Knightsbridge offer the best haulage rates to its clients so its clients stay competitive.

Custom Clearance Services

Knightsbridge Limited is a wholly owned Nigerian company with extensive knowledge of the local terrain and is dully licensed by the Nigerian Customs service to operate in all ports. Over the years we have cultivated and maintained excellent relationship with regulatory authorities which we deploy to the advantage of our clients

Specialized Logistics Services

Knightsbridge Limited provides specialised logistics solutions to our clients in the Oil and Gas industry. Such services include financing and importation of petroleum products, vessel chartering, equipment purchasing, etc. With our experience of over 25 years, we have solidified our reputation within the industry with the major marketers.

Procurement (Local and International)

At the behest of the client, Knightsbridge Limited is uniquely positioned to Finance the entire procurement/importation budget of our clients at competitive rates. We provide procurement services to our local & international clients in the Oil & Gas industry, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry, Pharmaceutical Industry and so on. This gives our clients the opportunity to be cost effective, improve flexibility, be assured the delivery of products and services as well as concentrate on their core operations while achieving improved cash flow. Knightsbridge Limited through its procurement strategy has assisted clients in increasing efficiency, improving quality, reducing risk and adding greater value to their organisations and the supply chain architecture.